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"The protection and care​
that your merchandise

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"The protection and care
that your merchandise deserves"


The Cargo Packaging service that meets the safety needs that your products require.

MoldCover is the solution for the adequate preservation of your products, providing the necessary safety, Quality and Economy in the packaging and delivery of goods. An exclusive service created to meet the demands of each product and industrial sector.

One unique packaging for each cargo… Palletized products such as food products, chemical products, additives, pharmacy, cosmetics, wines, oils…


Moldcover makes sure your cargo is correctly packed and later unpacked, guaranteeing the most proper packaging for your total peace of mind.


MoldCover’s packing service keeps the cargo temperature under control, ensuring the adequate isolation of goods. What is more, the package reflects up to 97% of heat, it is impermeable, reduces energetic waste and is environmentally friendly.

Our unique service MoldCover guarantees the proper isolation and safety for your cargo so that is receives the protection it needs!


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