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"Services adapted
to the needs
of your company"

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"Services adapted
to the needs
of your company"

Services with Added Value

Transport and logistical services adapted to the highest needs and demands of your company or business.



Door-to-door transport services using specialist vehicles without handling or transfers. Available 24 hour a day and 365 days a year. Transport and urgent package shipping to any part of the globe.

Moldexpress offers a wide range of transport and urgent shipping services with coverage on worldwide scale, guaranteeing delivery requirements and timeframes.


Packaging, express batches and consignments, door-to-door flights, air charter, on-board staff, moldservice… A service for each requirement


Trust Moldexpress with your shipments. Our service is a guarantee of success.

Personalised Service

Exclusive services, adapted to your loading and transport timeframes.


We ensure the fulfilment of your collection and delivery requirements to any part of the world. Put us to the test!




Batching services that adapt to your company’s commitments

The innovative JIT Service incorporates into the already consolidated Moldtrans batch shipment service a system of guaranteed deliveries adapted to the most demanding quality standards’ levels and requirements in the logistics market.


All the guarantees of express transport services with the advantages of split loading

Advantages of an Express Service

We guarantee the fulfilment of your requirements and delivery timeframes.

Guaranteed deliveries

Assured delivery in Spain and Italy within 24, 48 or 72 hours.


Take advantage of the benefits or our terrestrial batch shipping services with the peace of mind of an express service.



Personalised services with home delivery and assembly.

Exclusive home delivery service, devised for manufacturers and distributors who seek a service that sets them apart from their competitors. This service allows for deliveries to be personalised including assembly, installation, removal of packaging and debris and returns.


Offer your clients much more than a simple home delivery service. Stand out from the
competition by giving added value to your deliveries.


We help you to increase your catalogue or on-line sales offering an excellent service with full guarantees.


Track the status of your orders in real time via the Internet using our exclusive client App.


Why settle just for a transport service? Enjoy the added value offered by MoldHome’s exclusive service.


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