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"We integrate
social responsibility
within the values
of Moldtrans Group"

Corporate Social Responsibility aproaches

Apart from including social responsibility as one of our core values, Moldtrans Group has also raised awareness towards different levels of its Corporate Social Responsibility in its organizational methodology thus developing a real and ethical commitment to all groups of interest.

Alongside this, Moldtrans Group establishes awareness and responsibility in different areas:


Sponsoring teams of different sports in order to promote sports activities and the values that come with it; teamwork, self-improvement, commitment, among others; which are on the company’s same wavelength.


Being well aware of the impact Moldtrans Group activity can have on the environment, various actions are carried out in order to return to society the resources used from it. Therefore at Moldtrans Group we have carefully designed and developed an Manual of Good Environmental Practices with the purpose of educating both our internal and external customers as well as integrating environmental management within our business.


Moldtrans Group strives to enhance employability by creating a rich and appealing working environment. Pursuing profitable growth and minimizing economic, environmental and social costs are part of what defines Moldtrans Group’s know-how.


We incorporate Social Responsibility within our core values at Moldtrans Group.

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